World Dance Performance and Instruction

Soul Fire Dance 

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  • Community Events: Soul Fire Dance participates in a variety of community events.  In addition to showcases of the arts, Soul Fire supports many fundraising opportunities involving social justice and change. Since 2012 our local leadership in Shimmy Mob has raised over $3000 for our local shelters for women and children.  You can also find us at rallys such as Take Back the Night where we work to increase public awareness and social change with issues of violence against women.

  • Festivals:  We often shimmy our way through spring and summer with regular participation in festivals in Western Canada.  Performances for these events range from solos to student troupe to multidisciplinary artists productions.  Our performances for these events can be in high demand in the summer so booking by March is recommended.
  • Celebrations:  Birthdays, Weddings, Stagettes, Holidays, Anniversaries, Spa parties and other special events are all great occasions to invite a belly dancer.  Shauna creates unique and dynamic experiences catered specifically for each event.  These can involve performance, demo and instruction.

  • Ceremonial:  Dance has been in used in ceremony and traditional rites of passage for thousands of years.  Shauna's depth of studies of these traditions of belly dance has led to contemporary practices which respect the cultural contexts while enriching modern day experiences. Special ceremonial occasions include blessing ways, births, coming of age ceremonies, opening and closing ceremonies for events and other personal growth experiences.

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