World Dance Performance and Instruction

Soul Fire Dance 

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Soul Fire Dance was founded in 2004 by director Shauna Robertson who has lifelong experience in many genres of theatre and dance. Shauna’s studies in world dance began in 1999 and have led to training with many world famous classical oriental and folkloric dancers, as well as with highly praised contemporary dancers. Soul Fire Dance Productions have been featured at many Western Canadian Events and Festivals. Shauna brings together a wide variety of talented artists for production events and also provides showcase events for her dedicated students. As a dancer she has also shared the stage with internationally acclaimed artists such as Cheb I Sabbah, Dessert Dwellers, Karsh Kale, Adham Shaikh, David Starfire and more.  She has been teaching in the Nelson area since 2004 where she also presents world dance classes, workshops, school programs and performance events.  Shauna has a liveliness that engages others in a fun and energetic atmosphere that encourages self-discovery, soulful motion, body confidence and creativity through dance.

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